You’ve got the power!

You can collaborate with us in this fight against neurodegenerative diseases as well as pushing our work forward and making it work in many ways

Does your company relate with our brand?

With our values? We have an action that has an effect on your RSC and on your team. Propel our project. Become a WOP friend company!

There are many WOP friend companies that choose to support our activity and that also make the most of this action as a tool to work in Human Resources.

Would you push us forward? Here it’s also a win-win, because this contribution deducts a significant amount from the company tax.

For example in Bizkaia, the tax office gives back 30% of the amount. If your company makes a 1000 euro contribution the tax office will give you back 300 euros.

Appealing, isn’t it? find out more about all of these through our many ways of contact or fill the following form and we will give you a call.

  • Responsible: The Walk On Project Foundation
  • Purpose: To contact you to make it easier for you to become a WOP Friend Company.
  • Legitimation: Your consent, by marking a button.
  • Recipients: Sarenet Servers (current hosting of this website)
  • Rights: Access, rectification, limitation and/or deletion of your data.
  • Additional information: All details about data protection in the privacy policy

Your contribution helps our activities move forward as well as pushes our social ends: value funded education, generating social awareness in favor of medical research and funding projects that do research on therapies against neurological diseases.