You’ve got the power!

You can collaborate with us in this fight against neurodegenerative diseases as well as pushing our work forward and making it work in many ways.

Fiscal deduccion

Your contribution is deducted from IRPF or the company tax.

For example in Bizkaia, the tax office gives back 30% of the amount.

On the rest of the national territory* the first 150 euros of donation add up to an 80% deduction in the IRPF and to a 35% from that amount. Furthermore, the periodic donations made throughout at least three years to the same entity will be deducted to a 40% independent of the donated amount. In the case of legal entities, donations deduct 35% in general and 40% in case of more than one donation every year to the same entity throughout three years. In both cases the deduction goes up to 10% of the taxable base.

Here you have three examples of what it will really cost you to become a partner for 10, 15 or 20 euros a month. With very little money you can have a huge impact!

Your contributions help us keep growing and let us keep adding on minutes to the fight against science and health in search of therapies to fight these neurodegenerative diseases.

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Take advantage of these tax advantages!