Who are we?

We are a social company formed by a group of professionals in different fields that bring joy and daily effort to our business WOP

Where it all began

In the summer of 2008 Jontxu, a 6 year old boy, tripped during a hike through the mountains. That was the first showing of a then diagnosed terrible neurodegenerative disease that was notified to his parents Mikel and Mentxu the 13th of october of that same year.

And there it began, the fight of this family against these harsh and unknown neurodegenerative diseases. Time went by and MIkel started composing music to cope with that new reality. In between songs he wrote “Walk on” as a promise to his son. From this song and this promise, The Walk on Project was born as a facet of this family which then turned into a reference social company.

Our objectives

We want to develop socially focused activities, take care of all the entities and people that we network with, be loyal to our ground values and in that way, make the compliance of our fundacional end posible and sustainable. we have allocated more than 1 million euros to these ends that are the following:

Find research projects seeking therapeutic solutions to all these neurodegenerative diseases
Spread out the reality of neurodegenerative diseases
Promote social awareness in favor of research and science

The values that push us forward

Overcoming adversity, effort, excitement and optimism as a motor of change.
Courage, responsibility, the seek of excellence, bravery to overcome challenges and work ethic to chase our objectives.

These are the values that push us and the foundation of all the work that we do. The guideline we check daily, the one that reminds us why we are fighting.