Figures and Projects

Our dream: erase the neurodegenerative diseases

A glance of some of the figures


RRPP. destined towards our ends.


Projects funded by RRPP

7 international projects in therapies through a public international competition and estimation from the national science department


Talks in different forums

annual 10.000.000€

every year worth of exposure and media attention

Funded projects

We have financed with our resources 7 international projects that focus in the search for regenerative therapies for these neurodegenerative diseases, some of them are about to address the clinical test phase. The objective of these therapies is to stop the development of the disease and start a recovery process.

Call for WOP Funding 2023 (Projects in progress)

WOP funding is a public call to fund reseach projects in search of therapies on these neurodegenerative diseases. With WOP funding 2023 take one more step towards our goal, our dream, supporting the scientific-medical research in these diseases. In this website you can check the basis and all of the information.

Through all these years we have financed over 440.000$ 7 international projects and we have destined over 1.000.000€ towards our foundational goals.