You’ve got the power!

You can collaborate with us in this fight against neurodegenerative diseases as well as pushing our work forward and making it work in many ways

‘Sadness doesn’t build anything’

In WOP we found out about this pretty quickly and since then we fill our days with the values that move us: overcoming, effort, optimism and emotion as a motor of change. Do you relate with our WOP filosophy?

You have the power of keeping our work running, your support will cheer us to face new adventures.

Becoming WOP`s friend is very easy: chose your anual amount ( starting in 45 euros) and receive…

Your contribution will be deducted from the IRPF or in the company tax

Your contribution is deducted from the IRPF or the company tax. For example in Bizkaia, the tax office gives back 30% of the amount and in the rest of the national territory* it can go up to 80% of the amount you contributed with.

The contributions from friends of WOP (amiWOP) push us to keep on growing and let us keep adding on minutes to our fight for science and health in search for therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. If you want to know more click on the link below.