It’s one of our aims and it’s present in all that we do.

In each one of the projects and activities we are trying to spread awareness and impulse science as well as research.

We have developed specific activities focused on spreading awareness and in values every congress we attend as well as in the WOP BBK mendi film Festival prize.

Over >150

Talks in different forums

10.000.000€ every year

Worth of exposure and media attention

Talks and Conferences

Between all of our tools we highlight multiple conferences given by Mikel Renteria , the director of WOP, in different educational,business and social forums.

During his talks Mikel drives the spotlight towards his way of entrepreneurship , the decisions that they have chosen as a family, the values that drive us… But, specially, is the unleash of feelings and reflections that many times, turns into songs live as a part of the speech.