What is Estropatada?

Estropatada is an event organised by WOP that started in 2013 in Bilbao. An original race of geolocated bio-ducks that takes place every year in the estuary of Bilbaop and is broadcast on streaming through a TV programme.

This unique race, which also hosts an incredible family party (with games, gastronomy, live music…), has also been held in cities such as Pamplona and has been evolving. Since 2021, the race’s bio-ducks (Wopatos) are made of plant-based material.

A brief story

2013 – 2018

Three different models of rubber WOP-ducks are produced

2019 – 2020

We replaced the traditional WOP-ducks with a sustainable element: pine cones.


WOP holds a virtual WOP-duck race through an in-house APP called EstropatadAPP


After years of R&D, the world’s first Bio-ducks made from plant-based materials have come to light (since 2021)

These new ducks were manufactured with materials that allow for durability and are certified as compostable in a compostable plant. Furthermore, the ducks were processed in specific moulds, designed for WOP ducks, and were developed with the minimum possible thickness, being more sustainable due to the lower material consumption in their manufacture, while maximising the speed of their future disintegration.

The ducks are not perfect in any respect. They are yellow, but their roughness is greater, they are not flexible and you can tell that they are the result of an R&D process. They are compostable in a composting plant and developed with plant-based materials, being non-toxic for the environment. This is an exercise in advancing our efforts towards sustainability.

Although our mission is the fight against neurodegenerative diseases, environmental aspects are transversal to our processes and events, which take place in the natural environment. It is a path that we are becoming increasingly aware of as a society; a path that will clearly not be free of renunciations to the levels of finishing and customs of use associated with traditional plastics and economic sacrifices until R&D is industrialised and socialised with bio alternatives.

In any case, all the ducks are collected from the estuary at the end of the event, as they are every year.

The benefits of all the activities of WOP go to the fight against neurodegenerative diseases.