This is the Benefits Program, created exclusively for you:

WOPFRIEND CARD, entitling you to enjoy discounts and promotions associated with our projects and events.

WOPTALK. You form part of our team and our communication channel, so you will receive regular emails with information about WOP news, activities and events.


  • May 7th: “AmiWOP Day”. 10% discount on all our products (except items already reduced).
  • October 13th: “WOP Day”. 20% discount on all our products (except items already reduced).
  • On your birthday, you’ll be given a 20% discount on all WOP products (except items already reduced).

Discounts on WOPEvents:
You will be given a 10% discount on tickets to all our events, with the option of asking for advance ticket reservation by email, plus the possibility of payment and pickup at our Bilbao WOP headquarters.

WOP magazine. An exclusive publication for WOPfriends. Published twice yearly, the magazine can be sent to you by email or posted to your home address, at your choice. Articles include a summary of our activity, updates on WOP-funded research projects, and news about events and other activities undertaken.

WOPfriends’ donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.