Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo y Mikel Zabalza make their most important summit


Iñurrategi, Vallejo y Zabalza have reached their most important Summit. WOPEAK climbers, have rescued italian climber Valerio Annovazzi from the Camp 3 of the normal route to the Gasherbrum II. Yesterday night the left the basecamp trying to reach as soon as posible Valerio’s position. They reached the Camp3 from the basecamp in 12 hours and they found Valerio alive although dehidratated and with frostbites after being alone for three days in the Camp3 alone at more tan 7000m. They took Valerio and went down to the Camp 2 (6500m) where they have slept tonight. And some hours ago the have been able to take him down to the basecamp. Annovazi is recovering well.
“This is a good example on the alpinism we believe in. We are so happy, since this is for us the most important Summit. Life is the most important Summit” have declared the mountaneers on their arrival to the basecamp.
We are deeply proud of our Friends an Team!


Foto 26-7-17 10 22 09